How we will change our Community

Services the Indigo Sky Collective will support.

There are five main areas where services are in demand after emergency assistance is no longer available. Through grants, partnerships with volunteers in the community, along with private funding, these services can quickly become a reality. 


1.   A moderated forum for victims to express their needs and gain support from a supportive community of other survivors and trained professionals.  

  • The forum will also include groups for women to find housing, roommates along with childcare potential exchange (i.e.: 2 women survivors could potentially share an apartment. One works nights and watches children during day; the other works days and watches them at night.)

2.   Group therapy for women and children

3.   Self-empowerment and Self-discovery

  • a.  Learn self-defense
  • b.  Financial budgeting and planning
  • c.  Job training/employment
  • d.  Yoga/Meditation

4.   Transportation options

5.   Advocacy

Read real messages from women in our community.

If you're not sure how this project will impact our community, please take a look at some of the messages and emails sent to Mayor Sawicki within the last year!

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